Ultimate Off-Roader

Our trained driver will navigate the treacherous off-roader course while you experience our Ultimate Off-Roader handle it with ease.

If you’re looking for the best off-roader experience in New Zealand, this is it. Take a ride in the Ultimate Off-Roader, our one-of-a-kind, custom-built all-terrain vehicle that goes everywhere. It’s one of the most unique adventure experiences in Queenstown, perfect for adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers. Note to guests: the only barrier between you and the full force of gravity is your harness!


What To Expect on an Ultimate OffRoader Ride

The Ultimate Off-Roader is a 4-Seater, which carries our trained professional driver and three passengers. Our off-roaders are 4WD, 4-wheel steer, and have an extremely low centre of gravity, allowing them to practically go anywhere. You’ll suit up in our off-roader kit, helmet and protective gear before strapping into the custom-designed vehicle for the off-road experience of a lifetime.

Off-Roader Safety

Even though our experienced team knows all the best spots for twists, turns and drops, we always prioritise safety first. We provide protective gear that is regularly inspected and tested. All harnesses and safety belts in the off-roaders are routinely reviewed and kept to the highest safety standard. You’ll also sit through a safety briefing before your adventure so you can enjoy yourself in confidence.

Rock climbing, cliff dropping and drifting around a specially designed course of steep gullies, boulders and some ridiculous angles is all in a day’s work for these Ultimate Off-Roaders.

Trip Time: Summer - Every 10 minutes from 9am daily, Winter - Every 10 minutes from 10am daily,

Check In Times: 15 minutes prior to Trip Time

Duration: 15 minutes on our custom built 4WD Track

Eligibility Criteria: Minimum height of 1.2 metres. Maximum height of 2 metres. Neck, back injuries are a case by case basis, so please let us know at time of booking. Pregnant women are unable to experience our Ultimate Off Roader adventure.