About Us

Oxbow - The Place

Nestled amongst the serene and unsuspecting backdrop of the Nevis Bluff is where you’ll find the home of Oxbow Adventure Co.

Surrounded by mountains, bluffs, wineries and breweries, the Gibbston Valley provides a truly remarkable location for Oxbow guests to enjoy an incredibly unique and unforgettable experience. It really is Epic. Every day.

Oxbow - The Passion

Oxbow Adventure Co. was founded on a strong belief of fun, adventure and camaraderie. We wanted to share this epic playground with more than just our mates … That’s why Oxbow have opened their doors to YOU and your mates too!

Oxbow - The Values

  • One Step Ahead
  • Safe As
  • Best Mates
  • Epic. Every Day.

Oxbow - The Name

An Oxbow is formed when a wide meander of a river, lake, or stream becomes separated from the flow of water, usually caused by erosion. As a result, it becomes it’s own, free-standing body of water.

So why did we use that name? Oxbow Adventure Co. first originated back in 2012 on Lloyd and Julz Ferguson’s property which is nestled on the banks of the Clutha River and overlooks a particular section of the Clutha where an Oxbow has formed. This not only provided our guests with an epic view, but also made up part of the original Oxbow jet boat track. We believe an Oxbow is deeply embedded in our foundations so it seemed only fitting that we carried the name with us over to the Nevis Bluff.

The Legal Stuff

Please ensure you contact us if you require documentation on our Public Liability Insurance Cover. As a business, Oxbow must comply with New Zealand legislation. We are regulated by Worksafe New Zealand under the Amusement Park Devices Act, Maritime New Zealand and the New Zealand Police.

Safety First at Oxbow

Oxbow’s primary goal is to ensure the safety and enjoyment of their guests. The high performance nature of the machines operated at Oxbow requires an equally high performing team of experts and a faultless approach to safety. Guests can relax in the knowledge that the Drivers, Instructors and Mechanics are specially trained, certified and highly experienced professionals, who take great pride in Oxbow’s squeaky-clean reputation for safety.

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