For the past 365 mornings, we have walked through the Oxbow Adventure Co. doors and into an atmosphere where our value ‘EPIC. EVERY DAY’ is an achievable reality. There’s an unexplainable energy at our Gibbston valley site, which has been formed by thousands of adrenaline pumped customers leaving a piece of their courage behind. Some of those we’ve had the pleasure of meeting are keen adventure travellers, others are everyday folk who decided to do something brave.

Originating back in 2012, operations first started on the banks of the Clutha River, overlooking a particular section of the Clutha where an ‘Oxbow’ had formed. After a few years of hosting corporate groups, the owners (Darb, Tim & Lloyd) wanted to share their epic playground with everyone and bought this dream to life at a new location in Gibbston Valley.  

Under the cliffs of the Nevis Bluff, Oxbow Adventure Co. as we know it today has proudly been in operation for a year. Originally scheduled to open in April 2020, the global pandemic paused the completion of essential groundworks and a highway expansion that was required for consent. Our First Thrill Seekers were finally welcomed on 5th October 2020!

With the New Zealand borders closed and traditional tourism distribution channels totally disrupted by the pandemic, we looked to the domestic market for support in the early days. Luckily for us, Kiwis were keen to come for a hoon! During our first months of operation, we welcomed local businesses for their Christmas parties and families exploring their backyard over the summer holidays.

From 7 to 79 year olds, we have had the pleasure of welcoming customers from all walks of life and all ages. Impressed by our unique machines, we have already welcomed back many of you numerous times!

To celebrate the milestone of turning one and to say thank you to the locals for their support, we hosted an EPIC Birthday party for our local residents. On Saturday 2nd October, our doors were open to those living in the Queenstown-Lakes and Central Otago region. With a special rate of $69 Jet Sprint Boat rides and $69 Ultimate Off-Roader rides available on the day, the sound of engines roaring and customer’s screaming echoed through the valley all day long! Our mates at The Traveling Bar Co. and Mr Whippy Central Otago also came along to satisfy our Thrill Seekers with goodies after their adrenaline rush.

The Oxbow Team would like to extend a huge thank you to all of the legends who helped us celebrate our First Birthday, and to all of you that have supported us over the past year. Here’s to many more years of Thrill Seeking ahead!